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This unique opportunity is for any degree Reiki practitioner. This 8 hour class wil introduce you to beginning to use the power of your voice to complement and enhance your Reiki sessions. You do not need to have any musical or vocal training. You do not need to be a singer. ReikiVoice™ is not about carrying a tune or sounding pretty or performing vocally.  We will cover a simple technique for you to practice to break through fear and ego that hold us back from using our voice as the most powerful healing instrument of all. This class fills quickly. This curriculum evolved from the original VoiceSpeak class held in 2010. Next class will be held in Harrisburg, Pa. in the beautiful Learning Place at Reiki By Rickie.  9am-5:30pm ~ For more information and to Register: 

Topics and practices covered:

Why and How You’ll Engage and Empower Your Clients’ Voices

Assessing Qualities in the Voice

The Tone, The Hum and The Light Language

Tuning The Body with Vocal Harmonics

Introduction to the original sounds of Reiki, the Kotodama

Your New Voice for the New Earth, going from 3D to 5D and Beyond

Frame Drum Voice

Your Investment of $175 includes ReikiVoice™ Manual, Certificate of Completion, individual follow up session or phone consult with Instructor, and plenty of practice time in class.

SOUNDWISE VOICE ™ class ~ 16 hour class for anyone interested in learning how to use their voice for healing in a professional practice or for personal use. Excellent for massage therapists, reiki and other energy practitioners, psychotherapists, yoga instructors, and other healing arts professionals. 8 students accepted. Class fills quickly. Early registration encouraged.  Further details announced soon. 


AcuSalt® and Sound!

ReikiSound practitioners Julie Moffitt and Sharon Owens-Kabatek both offer salt and sound sessions  in the beautiful, authentic Salt Room at Salt Efx, Harrisburg, Pa.  For exact dates every month, contact Salt Efx. Register through SaltEfx by calling 717-635-9271


This 8 hour class introducing any level Reiki practitioner to beginning to use sound, voice and music within a Reiki session always fills up fast.   Original intensive curriculum from February 2014 has evolved and expanded since the prototype class in 2010, into the current 52 page manual. Classes held in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and Philadelphia areas. For course description including prerequisites, please email us.  Instructors:  Lana Ryder, Natalie Bliss, Julie Moffitt  

Next ReikiSound class to be held in Lancaster in February 2019. 

Sound Therapy: An Introduction to the Fundamentals ...

Learn how to begin using sound, voice and music in the healing arts. This  40 hour course is designed to introduce hands-on experience for holistic practitioners such as massage and energy therapists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists and hospice workers to begin using crystal and metal bowls, tuning forks, percussion, voice and other instruments. 

Next class begins early Spring 2019. Please email us for complete course description and to answer any questions. 

Private individual classes in Sound Therapy are ongoing.  Please contact Lana Ryder for information. Limited enrollment. 

EnLIGHTEN Up! ~ The Frequencies of Foods

 Frequencies and vibrations are not just about what we listen to.  They are about everything, including what we choose to eat.  A graduate of The Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Sound Therapist Lana Ryder shares some tips on choosing more healthy vibe food.