What is ReikiSound™

ReikiSound™ is the gently powerful combination of using sound and Reiki together by a trained, certified ReikiSound™ practitioner.  Sounds used may be from crystal or metal bowls, tuning forks, gongs, crystal pyramid, drums, shakers and rattles, flutes, voice, recorded music and any number of other instruments. Practitioners may use just one instrument in a session or a combination of them.  They adhere to the ReikiSound™ Code of Ethics as well as the Reiki Principles. 

ReikiVoice practitioners have additional, advanced training using  their voices as a healing instrument.  They are also trained to teach clients simple personal vocal techniques to aid in the client's own healing. 

Certified ReikiSound™ Practitioners are any level practicing Reiki therapists who have successfully completed the ReikiSound™ class by demonstrating the correct use of technique and protocol for beginning to use sound, voice and music in their Reiki sessions according to the guidelines and instruction as outlined in the ReikiSound™ manual. 

Practitioners understand the fundamentals of the science and art of using sound and voice as therapy combined with the Reiki healing energy. Everything is energy.  Everything has frequency or vibration. Practitioners use specific frequencies or tones or notes in a particular instrument or their voice to address the expressed needs of the client. Practitioners are encouraged to pursue further study of at least one of the instruments, such as tuning forks, crystal or metal bowls, gongs, drums,etc. Mentorship and follow up with their instructor is encouraged, including an online support group.